Herbal Infusions: Empowerment + Well-Being

Tea tonic jars

Self-care + empowerment: this is at the root of why we offer loose leaf teas. We’ve always believed that the ability to care for ourselves and those we love is an act of empowerment. It’s what brought founder Carissa to herbalism, often referred to as “the people’s medicine”.

Every step of the tea-making process is an act of empowerment: of kindness towards yourself, and taking back home health care. Pouring steaming water over your herbs, watching them swirl in your vessel, smelling the fragrant steam, and then sipping hot nourishment. Despite the messages our busy world may send you, you DO have time for yourself, and taking that time in the form of tea time is a beautiful and ancient practice.

Did you know that even the world “prescription” has it’s roots in the French word for recipe? Your recipe for wellness can be as simple as a jar full of vibrant and nourishing weeds! An herbal infusion (a long steep) is truly a part of personal, preventative health care. Herbal infusions are packed full of nutritious compounds that energize and balance us. So go ahead – steep those herbs and cheers to good health!

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