Bunch of Red Clover blossoms

Conversations With Plants: Red Clover

Getting to know Red Clover: properties, benefits, and more!

While strolling through the overgrown lot beside their apartment complex, a human stumbled upon a patch of brilliant red-magenta Red Clover. In that reclaimed patch of urban meadow, one of the Red Clovers beckoned the human.

Red Clover: Hello there!

human: Oh my, excuse me! I promise I’ll be more cautious of where I’m stepping. You all are everywhere! In my backyard, in the schoolyard, and even in the community parks. You truly have a humble presence!

Red Clover: It’s no worry. We, Red Clovers, have lived long on this Earth; from Europe and Asia, and all the way to North America. We’ve become your flower-next-door!

Benefits of Red Clover

Red Clover Blossoms

human: Wow! That reminds me of a chat I had with Ginkgo the other day, do you know of them? They’ve also lived a long life on this planet and grant us incredible memory support!

Red Clover: I believe so! I don’t like to brag much, but Red Clovers build strong bones, as we are rich in calcium, and support cardiovascular health. I like to think of our brilliant red color as a signal of that power. The color indicates our richness in antioxidants, among other things!

human: Really? Is that why you’re so well-loved in herbal infusions, like Town Farm Tonics’ Nourish blend?

Red Clover: You got it! Hot water is the perfect way to extract our vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for your benefit and enjoyment.

human: Please, tell me more! For a plant that is so profuse, more people should know of your health benefits! You support us physically in so many ways, kind of like an underdog of the plants.

Red Clover: That’s a sweet way of putting it! Above supporting the skeletal and cardiovascular systems, I help balance hormones, particularly estrogen, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. I wouldn’t say that the kind of work I do is remarkable but rather humble.

human: Your humility is astounding, Red Clover!  Such foundational support must make a real difference for us humans.

Red Clover: Oh yes, the slowest and deepest of work makes the most difference. You feel the difference. Thank you for recognizing my efforts!

human: Of course! I’d love to introduce you to my neighbors. I’m sure you all have met, but another introduction wouldn’t hurt, right?

Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) Mini-Monograph

Scientific name: Trifolium Pratense
Common folk names: Red Clover, Cow Clover, Meadow Clover, Wild Clover
Habitat: Meadows across Europe and Asia. Later naturalized in North America
Herbal actions: Regulates cholesterol levels, antispasmodic (eases muscle cramps), supports cardiovascular health, assists the body in removing metabolic waste, soothes certain skin conditions, phytoestrogenic (balance hormones), soothes symptoms of menopause for women (e.g. hot flashes)
Common contraindications: Women who are pregnant/are breastfeeding should avoid high doses of Red Clover (contains phytoestrogens which in high concentrations may disrupt hormone balance)
Harvesting notes: Clip Red Clover blossom at their base and leave to air dry
Fun fact: Red Clover belongs to the legume family–the same family as peas and beans!

Enjoy Red Clover in our NOURISH tea blend!

"Nourish" loose leaf tea blend made of nettles, tulsi (holy basil), lemon balm, red clover, oatstraw, and alfalfa


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Sam Andrews
10 months ago

Wow, what an amazing article! It never crossed my mind that red clover has a high antioxidant level which is good for our health. Since my son is a bit under the weather, my wife plans to cook him something nutritious to help him recover. Okay, let me find a farm right away so I can get suitable ingredients soon.

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