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Fall Herbal Support: Making a graceful transition

Herbs for Seasonal Transitions

Seasonal transitions are the most important time to ally with plants. They help us make a graceful transition from the inside out! From Elderberry Syrup to nourishing herbal infusions, incorporating herbs into your daily routine is simple and enjoyable.

Elderberry Syrup for Autumn Immune Support

During the Fall, we want to support our immune systems as we’re exposed to more pathogens and less sunlight. (It’s also a great idea to start supplementing Vit D!!!). Our go-to is of course a daily shot of Elderberry Syrup, packed with anti-viral Elderberries, Vit C dense Rose Hips, and mineral-rich Nettles. Warming herbs like Ginger and Cinnamon add circulation support, which is key to helping us adjust to cooler temperatures!

Fire Cider for Warmth + Clarity

Adjusting to cooler temperatures is much easier with the help of warming, circulatory supporting herbs. Fire Cider is packed with herbs known for these properties, like Cayenne, Horseradish, and Ginger. And if the changing climate has your nose stuffed up, a shot of Fire Cider is a great way to clear up the sniffles in a heartbeat!

Herbal Tea for Simple Nutrition

Soon many of us may not have the same amount of fresh (and hopefully local!) greens that we are used to. But have no fear, herbs are chock full of vitamins and minerals that are made bio-available through infusion. That means, by steeping your organic loose leaf herbs you are allowing your body to access the plethora of nutritional compounds within! So grab yourself your favorite nutritive blend (our go-to at this time of year is Nourish!) and make a daily habit of it!

Kitchen Cabinet Herbalism

Did you know that your kitchen cabinets are full of herbs long revered for health support? Even the word “recipe” itself comes from the French word for “prescription”.  Our food is our medicine! Add garlic and onion to as much as you can for the vitamins and sulfurous compounds that keep pathogens at pay. Throw Sage, Thyme, and Oregano into soups, broths, and sautees for their antimicrobial benefits that reach right to your respiratory system. Simmer cloves and cinnamon to lift your spirits. Know it or not, all that you need is right at your finger tips!

Want to learn more about autumn herbal support? Reach out with any questions!

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