5 Reasons to Drink a Tonic Tea

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Tonic (n): a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of vigor or well-being.

A tonic tea is an herbal infusion (a strong brew) that is rich in nourishing vitamins, minerals & other nutrients. Tonic teas are best enjoyed daily, to strengthens & enliven your body systems. You can liken your daily tonic to weight lifting – if you want to get strong, you would do a little lifting daily, rather than sporadically. The same goes with your tonic – enjoying it daily allows the herbs to do the work of improving your health.

It likely comes as no surprise that here at Town Farm Tonics we are BIG believers in herbal tonics. We’ve experienced ourselves and seen in countless others the power that simple lifestyle changes, like the addition of a daily mug of tea, can have on wellbeing. Your tonic can be a daily syrup (like Elderberry Syrup), a vinegar infusion (like Fire Cider), or a cup of herbal tea (we have 7 delicious blends to try!).

We’re big fans of the daily tonic tea, for many reasons. But, here’s our top five:  

N U T R I T I O N. An herbal infusion is your daily multivitamin in a cup!

A strong brew of herbal tea (an ‘infusion’) extracts an array of powerful plant compounds that support wellness, including bio-available vitamins, minerals, proteins, and even fats. Our NOURISH tea blend specifically is made to be a mineral rich blend for everyday enjoyment.


E M P O W E R M E N T. Because you are capable of cultivating life-long well-being!

Taking your health care into your own hands promotes wellbeing, can prevent illness, and cultivates confidence in building and maintaining health. Your health is in YOUR hands.


E F F I C A C Y. Vitality & wellness is as easy as a simple cup of tea.

Herbs work to support the healthy functioning of your body systems, to help you achieve long-term balance and health. The majority of health maintenance goals needs are served well by herbs, and always have been!


A C C E S S I B I L I T Y. Your wellness tonic might very well be found in your own yard.

Herbal infusions are easily made at home, and many powerful herbs can be grown on your own garden or found wild in your own yard! All Town Farm Tonics blends are made primarily of plants that grow here in New England, so each sip of tea can be educational as well as enjoyable.


T R A D I T I O N. Humans have long lived + worked right alongside our plant neighbors.

Preparing tea is an ancient ritual, which brings connection, nourishment, and healing into our lives. Herbs have long supported human health, and been a part of cultures and traditions worldwide.


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Kathy Davenport
Kathy Davenport
3 years ago

We start every day with Town Farms Elderberry syrup! With the health issues that we face these days I have added extra doses mid day (lunchbox treat) and and bedtime. Any sign of exposure or illness and we add fire cider and recover/heal teas! Every day is a Town Farm Tonic day!

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