Herbal Tonics 101: Elderberry Syrup + Fire Cider

You’ve no doubt heard of Elderberry Syrup, and Fire Cider isn’t far behind in herbal notoriety. But why bother with them? And how?

Well first of all – grab yourself a bottle right now, and let us assure you that after a single spoonful (and a basic google search!) you’ll get it.

Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider are herbal tonics – they cultivate good health for all ages, offering nutrition and local flavor by the spoonful.

tonic (n) – a medicinal substance taken to invigorate, restore, or stimulate well-being.

We believe that herbal tonics should be a part of each day, and that this home health practice should be empowering, fun + easy!

Elderberry Syrup
is a strong brew of immune-boosting Elderberries and herbs, with sweet local honey and tangy apple cider vinegar. The result is a flavor loved by all ages, that stands out among any you’ve tried. Your Elderberry shot will no doubt become your favorite part of each day!

Enjoy your Elderberry Syrup…
*by the spoonful, one daily is scientifically shown to boost immunity, prevent viral infections, and speed illness recovery
*mixed into soda water for a refreshing spritzer
*drizzled into plain yogurt or ice cream for a healthy boost
*stirred into tea in place of sugar or honey
*shaken up with oil + fire cider for an irresistible dressing

However you enjoy your daily dose of Elderberry Syrup, your body (and your family!) will thank you for making health and immunity a delicious priority.

Fire Cider
is an organic apple cider vinegar infused with pungent, anti-viral herbs + veggies like onion, garlic, and horseradish. We add a good amount of local wildflower honey, so that our Fire Cider is uniquely sweet, spicy and delicious! Even kids simply can’t get enough.

Enjoy your Fire Cider…

*mixed with hot water, in place of lemon water in the morning
*by the spoonful, to clear up stuffy noses, banish sore throats, prevent infections, and support digestion
*shaken up with oil as the most delicious salad dressing
*added to soup broth for a tangy flavor
*mixed into a margarita for a spicy, herbal kick

However you take your Fire Cider, you can be certain that you’re giving your body a dose of natural anti-viral power and nutrition that is much needed these days!


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