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Creating your own oxymel creations using herbs, honey, and vinegar!

Creating Your Own Herbal Oxymel Recipe

  Oxymel: an ancient Greek word that translates to “acid and honey.” Modern translation? The most delicious way to practice some kitchen witchin’ for the herbally curious! They are the perfect introduction to the world of herbal tonics!   Oxymels have long been used as home herbal medicine. Why? Cooking and herbalism have always been

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chamomile and onion blossom bouquet

Foraging and Creating with Flowers: Herbalist Explorations!

  Is there anything that embodies summer more than multicolored blossoms unfolding in the sunshine? For gardeners and herbalists, we wait for this eye candy all year long. It’s the time of year when we get to reap the beauty of what we sow. The harvest of fresh garden veggies is delicious, but flowers? Pure

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Gingko leaves are best harvested when they begin changing colour from green to yellow in late summer

Conversations With Plants: Ginkgo

Getting to know Ginkgo: properties, benefits, and more! It was rush hour in the city. Throngs of businesspeople shuffled down the sidewalks and car horns flooded the streets. People were eager to return home except for one human who, after work, wandered into the city park. It was quiet there–peaceful. The human rested on the

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summer chickpea salad made with fire cider

Summer Bean Salad: Fire Cider + Chickpeas

Herbalism + Cooking Herbalism and cooking are sisters — both art and science. An ancient collaboration between humans and plants to nourish our bodies, satisfy our tastebuds, and keep us in rhythm with Mother Nature! In many ways, herbalism starts in, and truly belongs in, the kitchen. Stirring fresh garlic into a pot of soup,

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iced herbal tea recipe for summer time

Herbal Iced Tea: Your summer-time go-to!

Why HERBAL iced tea? It’s no secret that sipping a nourishing herbal infusion daily is one of the best ways to support wellness. By steeping your loose leaf herbal blend for 20+ minutes, you’re allowing all of the nutrients to release from the plant matter into your tea. The result not only tastes good, it

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