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Elderberry Herb Benefits: Science + Tradition

This one is for the herb-nerds, the skeptics, the curious-hearted, and the scientists! We are firm believers in the herbal traditions passed down through generations. They teach us the heart and soul of herbalism! There is beauty and magic to this way of knowing that is truly beyond words. Elderberry Herb Benefits & History  So,

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Gooseberry Island Wildflowers

Sips + Trips: Gooseberry Island + Elderberry Syrup

Happy Friday, dear friend! This snowy week marked the halfway point between the winter solstice + summer equinox. Can you believe that? We’re at winter’s midpoint, known to some as “Imbolc”.  Believe it or not, deep below our feet, Mother Earth is awakening from her restful slumber.  I like to think of Imbolc as Springs’

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Ginkgo Biloba

Spring into Action: Herbs for Energy + Vitality

Spring – the time when everything is green and growing. You too, might feel your “sap rising”, so to speak! When the temperatures start to lift and the days begin to lengthen, so too does our desire to move, create, grow, and play.  Herbs are well-suited to support your transition into the season of rebirth.

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Sips + Trips: Harmony Winters + Unwind tea

southcoast, ma exploration Happy Friday, friends! This is our first in our exciting series: “Sips + Trips”. Catch our musings every Friday, via blog posts, newsletters + social media posts. What do we mean by “Sips + Trips”? Aren’t we an herbal product business?! Sips – What herbal nourishment can you enjoy this weekend? Trips

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sleep hygeine

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep – it’s more than how you spend your nights. Sleep enables so many important functions: the production of numerous important hormones, our creative thinking abilities, regulating our metabolism, and it even impacts our immune system function. What’s more exciting than that? Dreaming! Our dream time is powerful and sacred. Some call it “overnight therapy“!

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Fire Cider and herbs

Garlic: Health Benefits + 5 Easy Ways to Enjoy it!

“Used daily, garlic aids and supports the body in ways that no other herb can match. It is an effective anti-microbial, acting on bacteria, viruses, and parasites… in general, garlic may be used as a preventative medicine against most infectious conditions, digestive as well as respiratory.”  –Medical Herbalism, David Hoffman Well, need we say more?!

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