Elderberry syrup made in Warren RI - formulated Westport MA

Morning Lemonade Tonic: Your Daily Go-To!

elderberry fire cider recipe

Wondering how to enjoy your immune-boosting Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider each morning? Sipping them straight from the spoonful is always an option, but why not get creative?!

We’re a big fan of morning rituals (isn’t that why most folks have a hard time kicking coffee to the curb?) – they start our day with a focus on self-care, and ground us for the day to come. We all have our different rituals – for co-founder Adam, it’s checking the news and sipping NOURISH. For Carissa, it’s a mug of this berry lemonade while journaling.

elderberry fire cider recipe, herbal immunity elixirherbal immunity elixir

1 cup hot water
1 TB Town Farm Tonics Fire Cider
1 TB Town Farm Tonics Elderberry Syrup

Simply fill your favorite mug with hot water and stir in your Fire Cider and Elderberry. That’s it! Think that spice + sweet wouldn’t mix well? Think again! The earthy, herbal flavor of Fire Cider pairs perfectly with the sweet, berry flavor of Elderberry Syrup. You’re left with a morning drink that’s like an upgraded lemon water + immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory superpowers. You’re welcome 😉

Excited to make herbal tonics a simple + enjoyable part of your daily wellness routine? Definitely check out our Tonic Starter Kit or Immunity Essentials Kit! By snagging your herbal tonics in a kit you get everything at 15% off, and you instantly have everything you need to start each day happy and healthy.

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