herbal teas for stress, relaxation, immune support

Nourishing Herbal Infusions: What, Why, How

When many people think of ‘tea’, it’s a light steep with the intention of drawing flavor into our mug of hot water. Flavor is great! How about we add nutrition on top of that? This is the superpower of our herbal allies – nourishing us.

WHAT is a “nourishing herbal infusion”?
Put simply, a nourishing herbal infusion is a strongly steeped tea, brewed for medicinal (wellness-supportive) benefits.

Nourishing – It is full of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, essential oils, and other compounds that support our wellness.

herbal tonic teasHerbal – They are best made with medicinal herbs that are vitamin and mineral-dense since these compounds are highly water-soluble.

Infusion – This would be a strong brew of herbs, think 20 minutes to overnight.

So, put these bits together, and what we have is a strong brew of an herbal tea blend that is made with the purpose of supporting wellness!

WHY should I drink nourishing herbal infusions?

A nourishing herbal infusion is the first tool in the herbalists’ toolbox. So many of our recurring health issues can be followed to a root cause of under-nourishment; this is where herbs shine. Our tonic herbs are incredibly rich in nutrition that is bio-available, meaning its’ quickly and readily absorbed and utilized by our bodies! Aren’t plants wonderful?

Drinking a nourishing herbal infusion regularly can be incredibly supportive for our health. It allows herbs to support strong, resilient body systems – from digestive and excretory, to endocrine and musculoskeletal.  Truly, sipping a nourishing herbal infusion daily is one of the simplest and most effective ways that you can support yourself. It’s an ancient practice of partnering with plants to build health!

HOW do I make a nourishing herbal infusion?

To make a nourishing herbal infusion, a mason jar or quart-sized mason jar is my favorite method. Why? It allows your herbs to dance and swirl in your water, to fully infuse your tea with all of the nutrition your seeking. The closed lid of a mason jar or French press also retains heat and volatile oils that would otherwise be lost — the heat helps the process of infusion, and volatile oils are highly medicinal! So we want to hold on to all this goodness. herbal teas for stress, relaxation, immune support

So, once you have your chosen vessel, you’ll want to add a minimum of 1 tablespoon per cup, and up to one ounce of herbs. The traditional amount suggested for a medicinal effect is an ounce of herbs per 1 quart (4 cups) of hot water. This would be a good choice if you’re needing some deep nutrition; for example, if your digestion is in a rut and you want to take a week to deeply support it. Or, perhaps your menstrual cycle is painful and heavy, and you’re in need of pain relief and nourishment during your bleed. For longer use of a nourishing herbal infusion, I have found that 4 TB / quart is perfect — it results in a full-bodied and nourishing brew. Plus, it’s certainly easier on your wallet, and affordability is key!

So, you’ll go ahead and add your herbs to your vessel, fill it with hot water, and let it sit. That’s the magic – the steep! Hot water is a wonderful medium for extracting nutrients, and lucky for us it’s easy to sip down daily (with a spoonful of honey, I highly recommend). Ideally, you’ll want to let your herbs infuse for several hours. Some trace minerals and phytonutrients will take this long to infuse. The easiest method I’ve found is: get your infusion going before bed, and get to straining and sipping when you arise! Talk about starting your day on the right foot!

Every Town Farm Tonics tea blend is formulated to be brewed as a nourishing herbal infusion so that you can make them a part of your daily wellness routine and enjoy the process! Each name gives you an idea of the tea’s suggested use (for example, Digest for digestive health, Unwind for nervous system support, Snooze for sleep). Nourishing herbal infusions are a wonderful way to add plant magic + nutrition into your daily life, and we are excited to hear all about your experiences!

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Ron Bartos
Ron Bartos
2 years ago

Interesting! How hot should the water be? Can you just leave a jar in the sun for a day to warm up?

1 year ago


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