Sleep Elixir

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concentrated herbal extract
support deep + restorative sleep

contents: organic grain alcohol, vegetable glycerine, chamomile, valerian root, fresh local lemon balm
2oz Bottle | sweet + floral flavor

suggested use: take 2-4 dropperfuls a half hour before bedtime and as needed for nighttime restlessness

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Having trouble falling asleep with ease? Keep this delicious elixir by your bedside, and sleep will come easier than ever. The herbs in this remedy were chosen for their traditional use in reducing tension, easing insomnia, and helping with general sleep issues.  Taken regularly, this elixir supports regular sleep patterns.

Weight 3 oz

2 reviews for Sleep Elixir

  1. Sara

    I had such bad sleep especially the first 6 months as a new mom but every time I took this magical potion I would always feel super rested in the morning even if I was waking up multiple times at night. An actual life saver!!

  2. Bethany (verified owner)

    Vivid dreams during peaceful slumbers

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