Spring into Health Bundle


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transition into spring with the support of herbs 

To shift from winter to spring on a foundation of wellness and energy requires deep nourishment. For as long as humans have been around, this time of transition has meant working with plants! This herbal bundle has been crafted to make your spring wellness practice as simple and effective as possible, by supporting your systems of detoxification and providing important plant-based nutrients when your body needs them most. Your bundle provides enough for 3-4 weeks of focused herbal self-care. See below for more details, which will be provided in further detail with your Spring Into Health Kit!

*by purchasing this bundle you enjoy a discount on each product


Bundle contents include:

  • 3.3oz Digest Tea: Gently supports digestive function and soothes the gut lining. By providing bio-available minerals, Digest “feeds” the liver. Through these actions, a healthy detoxification process is supported. Warming and circulatory stimulating.
  • 16oz Fire Cider: Stimulates circulation – our blood carries vital oxygen into our body, and toxic waste out, so especially in early Spring, it’s important that our circulation is supported. Fire Cider ingredients also contain anti-viral compounds to help ward off pathogens that can cause spring sniffles and colds.
  • 16oz Elderberry Syrup: Scientifically shown to provide compounds that support our body’s processes of detoxification. Most well-known as a tonic for the immune system, supporting our efforts to stay well during this sensitive time of seasonal transition.
  • Spring Wellness Guide + Instructions
Weight 63 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 11.5 in


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