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Sips + Trips: Harmony Winters + Unwind tea

southcoast, ma exploration

Happy Friday, friends! This is our first in our exciting series: “Sips + Trips”. Catch our musings every Friday, via blog posts, newsletters + social media posts.

What do we mean by “Sips + Trips”? Aren’t we an herbal product business?!

SipsWhat herbal nourishment can you enjoy this weekend?
TripsWhere can you visit over the next few days?

This is our new weekly offering to you: fun, simple ways to inspire you to nourish your body + spirit each weekend!

local herbalism and wellness

As a business, our mission is to empower people to take health into their own hands with the support of herbs. We intentionally create products that focus on “bioregional plants” – wild and cultivated herbs that grow right here below our feet, in our gardens, forests, fields, and yards. We believe that connecting with your landscape is in itself empowering. It is our hope that with every Town Farm Tonics product that becomes part of your life, you’re inspired to seek out the plants within as you explore the world around you. Nourish has Nettles – they grow wild on the edges old farm fields! Elderberry Syrup has Rose Hips – you can see them dotting the landscape at many of our local beaches!

It’s no secret – we love the Southcoast. There is a reason that both founders, Adam and Carissa, remained here where we were born and raised. Westport and the surrounding area is so rich in natural beauty, colorful history, nourishing food, accessible adventures… there’s everything for everyone, and we want to sing the Southcoast’s praises.

So with that introduction, enjoy our “locally-inspired & herbalist-crafted” sips and trips!

Sips: Unwind Tea

Town Farm Tonics Unwind Tea

Our light and floral Unwind tea was crafted with your nervous system in mind. It’s full of deliciously effective “nervines” — herbs that strengthen and support a healthy nervous system. Sounds like something we all need, doesn’t it?

The nervines in this blend are gently calming; they work to reduce an overly reactive nervous system, cultivating relaxation of the physical body and mind. What we love most about Unwind is how effective it is for day-time grounding. This is not simply a bedtime tea. Not at all! We love Unwind most for a mid-day relaxation and reset.

I’ll never forget one personal experience with Unwind that I hold close to my heart. It was a day like any other, and I was spent. I’d been leaning on coffee a little too heavily (you know the feeling don’t you?) and was ready to reach for another cup. What else could I do? I opened the cabinet and staring back at me was a jar full of gorgeous and vibrant Unwind. “You need to wind up, not wind down…” my mind whispered. To which my heart replied, “Or, maybe what you need is nervous system SUPPORT and grounding.” I pushed aside the bag of coffee beans and made myself a strong jar full of Unwind. Sure enough, my spark and focus returned. Sure, I was still tired, but manageably so. That unbearable feeling of being stretched so think I could think vanished. I felt calm, grounded, and deeply nourished. I could practically feel my nerves thanking me for the love!

So, this weekend, I challenge you to reach for Unwind – especially in the afternoons’ lull, when caffeine is most tempting. See how it makes you feel. You will be pleasantly surprised, I am sure!

Trips: Harmony Winters

Once you brew up that jar of Unwind (see here for brewing suggestions), head on over to Harmony Winters! Make sure it’s a Saturday — her adorable little jewelry shop on Main Road in Westport is open that day only (for the winter) from 11a-3p. The shop itself is a charming old farm stand – could it get any sweeter?  With the company of her studio-mates, Pepper the ca

t, and a little white bunny, she lovingly crafts ocean-inspired jewelry with raw materials and packaging that are sourced locally, recycled, and reclaimed whenever possible. Her jewelry prices range from affordable to upscale, depending on what you’re looking for (a simple pair of hammered earrings? an engagement ring? the options are endless!)

Harmoney explains, “I believe the thoughts, energy, and intention put into things are carried with it. With that philosophy, each piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with the intent that it will last generations and bring great joy and all good things to it’s owners.”  Incredible, right? As if that’s not enough of a reason to go out of your way to visit her and support her work, she’s located just a few miles from the ocean, wineries, walking trails, restaurants, and other unique destinations. The studio is filled not only with one of a kind jewelry, but also plants, art, local goods (like our Unwind teas), and ocean treasures Harmony collects. It’s a dreamy place to spend some time to say the least!

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