Fire Cider and herbs

Sips + Trips: May Day + Fire Cider

Finally, the market season is upon us. We are so excited to get back to meeting people face-to-face and sharing our love for herbs + wellness with you. Are you visiting any markets this weekend? Got any plants to meet new plants out in the wild? Or maybe try a new herbal remedy? Well if you’re looking for inspiration look no further than this week’s edition of Sips + Trips! 🌱

Sips: Fire Cider 

Fire Cider herbal tonic for spring detoxification and allergy support

Fire Cider – it was made for just this time of year. Just as the outer environment is damp + awakening, within our inner ecology those same energies exist! Some of us experience allergies + congestion, others experience sluggish digestion or a dip in energy. Winter, our season of rest and recovery, has passed. Spring is the season of renewal! During this time we want to support our liver, kidneys, and lymphatic systems, as these systems tend to have less flow and more stagnation over the winter season.

When we think flowing through stagnation, awakening our senses and supporting systems of detoxification we think, of course: FIRE CIDER!  This potent remedy has long been a go-to kitchen remedy for all that ails ya’. The power of Fire Cider rests in its pungent, anti-microbial ingredients, like Garlic, Onion, and Ginger. garlic, alium, town farm tonics, fire ciderThe combination of ingredients makes for a widely applicable remedy. Fire Cider is known as an effective go-to for clearing stuffy nose, easing a cough, stimulating digestion, supporting immunity, and balancing pH. (Why is a balanced pH important? Read here!

One of our favorite ways to enjoy Fire Cider is straight up. Yup, right by the spoonful or shot glass, spicy goodness and all! Sure, it might make your eyes water and your nose run, but that’s kinda the point 😉 Feeling that potency quickly opens up your sinuses and airways. It also kicks your digestion into gear and gives your gut some good pre- and pro-biotics. But of course, if going right for the spoonful isn’t your thing (we totally get it), then give a grounding morning lemonade tonic or even a refreshing Fire Cider margarita a try!

Trips: May Day Market, Providence RI

Fire Cider tonic with ingredients: garlic, onion, organic apple cider vinegar, Massachusetts wildflower honey

So, now you’re ready to stock up on Fire Cider and make it your daily go-to. Right on! But where to get it? Well, if you’re far away, go right ahead and order online 🙂 (And heck, while you’re at it, give our subscription system a shot! You’ll save $ on every bottle of Fire Cider tonic and you won’t have to waste time re-ordering. It’s a win-win for all!) But if you’re local (i.e. in MA or RI) you can check out our list of local retailers.

Better yet, since you’re here for sips + trips, why don’t you just come visit us in person at this weekend’s May Day Market in Providence, RI?!

The market is taking place Sat May 1 and Sun May 2 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Waterfire Arts Center, 475 Valley St., Providence, RI. This is the 26th annual May Day market, and over 100 vendors will be there! The admission and parking are FREE – there’s over 500 spaces surrounding the building, including handicap parking right out front.

may day market in providence ri at waterfire arts center

You can find just about everything… including of course, FIRE CIDER! Just check out this list of goods that the curators sent out:

…art, baskets, beverages, birdhouses, biscotti, body products, books, bow ties, bracelets, calendars, candles, cards, ceramics, children’s books, clay sculpture, clothing, coasters, crackers, crafts, dog collars, dog sweaters, earrings, face masks, fiber arts, fine art, furniture, glass, gluten free crackers, goth dolls & clothes, handbags, herbal care, jewelry, jewelry pouches, kids clothing, kitchen knives, lavender, macaroons, magazines, natural skin care products, necklaces, needlework, paper weights, pens, photography, pillows, platters, pottery, pouches, quilts, scarves, sculpture, seasonings, shaving soaps, shawls, skin care, soap, spices, sweaters, textiles, tonics, totes, trays, vases, wall hangings, wine glasses, wooden bowls…

Safe to say, you’ll find some cool locally crafted something that you love, or maybe something you can gift at those upcoming baby showers and weddings that are finally happening again 🙂

We absolutely CAN’T WAIT for this weekend. It’s been a long year and a half, and we’re just getting back in the swing of markets. We hope to see you there! And if not, sip some good herbs, take a trip somewhere special, and enjoy this beautiful place that we call home!

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