Local Honey

At Berry Hill Farm we are excited to grow our own local ingredients for our products, as well as collaborate with other local producers!

We are always striving to be more regenerative in our business practices – this is why we bought a farm. That’s also why we’ve partnered with Sunnyside Apiary to keep bees on our property. As small business owners ourselves, being able to collaborate with others doing work for Mother Nature is us the utmost importance to us.

Sunnyside Apiary is owned by Mike Zatek who takes the care of his bees very seriously. He seeks out relationships with land owners who will offer spaces to his bees where there is enough forage and water to keep them well-fed, hydrated, and thriving! Mike purposely seek out yards with superior forage which reduces the need to feed the bees. He also uses mite-resistant Russian bees which enable him to treat for mites less often and less intensely.

At Berry Hill Farm, we rely on Sunnyside Apiaries bees to pollinate our over 1300 blueberry bushes – a critical job that those beautiful honey bees do so well.
Summer 2023 was our first season on the farm, and in the 2024 season, we will be offering the previous year’s honey at our farm stand. All made right at Berry Hill Farm! That is as local as you can possibly get with farm-fresh honey, and when you taste this perfectly floral honey you will see just why it matters. Local honey is full of antioxidants as well as compounds that can help modulate allergies. It’s a nutrient-dense superfood that we are excited to share with our community.

Hyper Local Honey in YOUR Hands!

Perhaps you found this page through a QR code on our products?! Well then in your hands is a tonic made with HYPER LOCAL Sunnyside Apiaries honey, harvested right on the South Coast here in Westport and Dartmouth, MA! At this time, most batches of our Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider have New England Wildflower Honey – the best we can source in bulk from responsible beekeepers. But Sunnyside honey is truly another level of honey when it comes to flavor and care. So we are SO psyched that you can enjoy this special batch. We look forward to bringing you more of this golden goodness in the future. Until then, cheers & enjoy!



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