Herbs offer your body the support it needs to come back into balance & wholeness. 

An herbal consultation with Carissa, Town Farm Tonics co-founder, provides holistic guidance based on the principles of Western Herbalism. Together we will explore your health history, identifying ways that herbs + lifestyle shifts can support your unique goals. 

Central to an herbal consultation is empowerment.
Rather than forcing your body into “function”, herbs gently support the long-term health that your body innately seeks. Herbal education & support puts nature’s tools in your hands.

So, how exactly does an herbal consultation work?


We meet to discuss your unique health needs, using an intake form, which guides us through your health history & goals.


Carissa develops a detailed “protocol”, outlining suggested herbal preparations (such as teas or tinctures), nutritional guidance & lifestyle recommendations. Carissa will also suggest ways to source these herbal preparations.


We immediately follow up in person to review your protocol and any questions. This initial follow-up is included in the full consultation.

Should additional follow up be desired, see below for further offerings.


Full Consultation + Follow Up

Additional Follow-Ups

Mini Consult (acute issue)

*Herbal consultation fees are on a sliding scale based on income. Paying what you can honestly afford supports equitable community access to this service.

*Full consultation includes pre-review of your intake forms, post-consult research / formulation / peer review, and a follow-up session; all included in initial fee.

We welcome + support all people, of all identities & backgrounds.

*Herbalists are not licensed health practitioners. If your needs go beyond our ability to work together we may refer you to seek support with alternate providers. As an herbalist, Carissa does not treat or diagnose illness or disease, but rather offers suggestions for supporting healthy body systems through herbs, diet, and lifestyle.*

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Shirl G.
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“The tincture has been amazing for relaxation, mood swings gone! You are certainly knowledgeable! The second tea you recommended was perfect for my headaches… thank you! Blessings on your journey to aid others in a natural path! Thank you kindly.”
Ashley S.
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I like having a routine for my wellness and have started to notice differences! Physically, the tincture seems to be helpful with morning motivation and provides enough of a boost to get me through the afternoon. In addition to the tea, I am drinking a lot more water… I've also been motivated to discuss and resolve some feelings I've repressed for some time. That emotional cleansing has been very helpful for me!
Kayleigh M.
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Carissa is very knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with. She will answer any questions you have!
Bernadette S.
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I have learned so much from Carissa on the benefits of tea. Keep on educating those who just don't know.
Alex S.
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I have never had such a great experience interacting with an herbalist before! Her products are easy to use and improve quality of life for sure!
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