About our Tonics

What is a "tonic"?

Tonic (n) – a medicinal substance taken to invigorate, restore or stimulate well-being.

Western Herbalists call the ways that herbs act upon our bodies “actions”, one of these actions being a “tonic”. Tonics strengthen + revitalize the body. They can have an affinity for a specific system (for ex. digestive) or have a more generalized effect. Tonics include herbs that are super nutritious and benefit your wellness most through long term use.

Each of our products are tonics, made to be enjoyed daily for the greatest benefit. And don’t worry, each product is gentle enough to enjoy casually, too!

Enjoying your tea

Each tea blend is formulated to be a tonic for different body systems, and the name of each suggests its use. Our blends are gentle enough for regular sipping, and we actually suggest daily enjoyment for the best effect.

TONIC. For health benefits, enjoy 2-4 cups of your blend daily. Use 1-2 tbsp per 1 cup of hot water, and steep overnight in a covered vessel.

TEA. For casual enjoyment, sip to your heart’s content! Use 1-3 tsp per 1 cup, steep up to 20 min. in a covered vessel.

Our favorite brewing methods are a french press, mason jar or tea pot.

Enjoying your syrup

An herbal syrup is a quick + effective way to benefit from herbs by the spoonful. This traditional remedy provides health benefits + culinary flavor.

TONIC. For health benefits, adults should take 1 tablespoon daily, straight from the spoon or mixed into a beverage. Children above 3 years old can enjoy 1 teaspoon daily.

TREAT. For casual enjoyment, use your syrup as desired, as a drink mixer + drizzled in your favorite dish. Get creative!

Enjoying your vinegar

Infused herbal vinegars offer flavor + nutritional support in each tasty spoonful. Enjoy them on-the-go and as a culinary staple. 

TONIC. For health benefits, take 1-2 tablespoons daily and/or before mealtime, straight from the spoon or in a beverage. Replace your daily shot of Apple Cider Vinegar with this boosted tonic.

TREAT. For casual enjoyment.  Use any amount as desired, for culinary flavor + acute wellness needs. Get creative – we love it in dressings + soups!

simply nourishing herbal products.

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