Town Farm Tonics makes herbalist-crafted, locally-inspired tonic teas, syrups + infused vinegars for daily enjoyment + health.

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Herbalist Crafted

Our recipes are informed by our co-founder Carissa’s training and experience in Western Herbalism. This  ensures that our products are effective and safe for all ages. Through years of test batches we’ve come to focus on products that are exceptionally delicious, too! Our kitchen processes ensure that you get the most out of the ingredients – from steeping to pressing, we promise to serve the highest quality, maintaining the integrity and tradition of herbalism.

Locally Inspired

We believe that the healing herbs and wild weeds that grow in our climate are best suited to support us. That’s why you can recognize the plants that are the foundation of our recipes! We see each tonic as an opportunity for education and inspiration. Knowledge of these local plants, like dandelion or nettles, reweaves a connection between land and people.

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Thoughtfully Sourced

Our products are only as good as our ingredients. So, we source organic and chemical-free from responsible distributors and sustainable farms.  We also avoid and educate on threatened or exotic plants. Our partners are those who, like us, put people, plants, and planet over profit. As our endeavor grows, we will continue to invest in growers that invest in the land. Our goal is to continually increase our local sourcing and growing.

Our Promises:

We Promise

to make wellness accessible and enjoyable through our products. 

We Promise

to ceaselessly work towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious business, putting people and planet over profit.

We Promise

 that the quality of our products will never diminish, but rather improve as we grow.

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