Our Story

Our Story

We at Town Farm Tonics believe that your health is in your hands; literally. Our towns, backyards, fields, and forests are full of the healing herbs within your mug of tea, your spoonful of syrup or shot of vinegar. It’s the plants (wild + garden-dwelling!) around us that inspire our creations + direct our endeavors. Our bodies are made to be healthy, and our plant neighbors are here to restore that balance!

Carissa and Adam of Town Farm Tonics

A seed was planted as my papa battled unexpected cancer many years ago.  Bringing him cold glasses of milk was my antidote to helplessness, as stories were his. In my small acts and presence, I could help.

Today I offer just about everyone a mug of tea (often with a big splash of milk!) with the same devotion of that nine-year-old. I’ve always believed that the ability to care for ourselves and those we love is an act of empowerment. It’s what brought me to herbalism, often referred to as “the people’s medicine”.

In a world where we’re often told that so many choices are beyond our power, herbalism reminds me that our health is in our hands. We mean for each one of our tonics to be both your reminder and a small act of rebellion: your health is in your hands. Big changes begin with small steps.

This core belief in health empowerment was reignited during my Peace Corps service in a small Fijian village, where herbal medicine and connection to nature remains strong. Upon return to my hometown of Westport, Town Farm Tonics (formerly Bilo Herbs) was born. I dove into studying herbalism, sharing my inspiration along the way in the form of the many products you now know and love!

As partners in life and work, Adam has been alongside for the growth of Town Farm Tonics since the beginning, coaxing our little seed of an idea into blossom. Adam’s passion has always been in the big picture. His path has woven through regenerative design, education, health coaching and non-profit development. For Adam, this web has created a vision in which holistic health and regenerative business are a conduit for systemic changeWe want each dollar that you spend on our products to be a vote for a more beautiful world. In partnership with you, our community, we know that our business with a mission can truly serve the greater good.

Thank you for your support, your trust in the plants, and in us!

Cheers to vitality,

Herbalist/CEO     Health Coach/COO

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