Why loose leaf tea?

Each Town Farm Tonics tea is made to be as nourishing as it is delicious. That’s why we choose whole, loose leaf herbs over the tea bags you may be used to. While individual tea bags are convenient, broken down herbs oxidize, losing quality + nutrition. Loose leaf tea properly infuses your hot water with tons of flavor, and nutrients that support your wellness. Follow our brewing instructions and we promise, you’ll taste the difference.

How do I brew my tea?

Enjoying your loose leaf tea is as simple as:

methods: french press, mason jar, tea pot, tea ball


Loose leaf teas are best made as an “infusion” – that is, an extended steep time that extracts the vitamins, minerals, + volatile oils from your herbs. This traditional method of tea making cultivates wellness over time. Proper brewing means a more delicious, nutritious, and effective tea! Choosing a brewing vessel that keeps your tea hot and sealed while steeping is best. In general, the longer the steep, the more potent the tea. A french press or mason jar is our preferred steeping method.

Are your products organic?

Town Farm Tonics is committed to sourcing from those who put environment health first. We use only the highest-quality herbs grown without chemicals. We believe that herbal products should never contain poisons like pesticides, herbicides, dyes, etc. We buy primarily “certified” organic ingredients. When sourcing from smaller farms, we may purchase herbs that are grown naturally and organically, but may not be officially “certified”.

Are your products local?

Our products are locally-inspired, meaning the blends and ingredients are inspired by the plants that grow abundantly and wildly here in New England. Our long term goal is to source or grow all of our ingredients locally, and we make small steps towards this vision daily! We believe that “perfect should not be the enemy of the good”, and therefore we began Town Farm Tonics by sourcing sustainably from small trusted growers while we shift to local sourcing.

How much tea should I drink?

How much tea you drink is up to you, of course! It all depends on your aim. A cup of tea for enjoyment whenever you’d like is a beautiful form of self-care, and every Bilo Herbs blend is well-suited for this purpose. If you are looking for a “tonic” effect (strenghten / revitalize certain body systems, building overall wellness) then 3-4 cups a day is a solid amount for the average adult. This amount can fluctuate up or down, based on size, stage of life, and health needs!

Which blend is for me?

If you’re new to loose leaf or herbal teas, give NOURISH a shot. It’s packed with nutrition + hard to dislike. The name of each Town Farm Tonics blend hints at its wellness goal – DIGEST aids digestion, SNOOZE gets you to sleep, REVIVE wakes you up… and so on! This should help you gauge which blend to try, if you’re looking for a health effect. Each blend is crafted to be just as delicious as it is nutritious. So, sipping for pure enjoyment is suggested! Take a look at our shop to check out tasting notes + learn about the herbs in each blend. Still not sure what to try? Ask us!

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