What is Elderberry Syrup + Fire Cider?

These products are traditional herbal recipes long enjoyed to invigorate the body, with our unique twist! Fire Cider is apple cider vinegar infused for a month with potent herbs like garlic + horseradish, blended with local honey. Elderberry Syrup is simmered + steeped herbs with local honey + apple cider vinegar. Both are delicious, easy-to-use herbal products that make it easy to add nutritious flavor to each day!

How do I enjoy Elderberry Syrup + Fire Cider?

You can enjoy our tonics as you wish for wellness + flavor. They are not ready-to-drink beverages, but meant to be enjoyed by the spoonful, diluted into water or tea, or mixed into your favorite recipe! We love waking up our taste buds + bodies with a shot in the morning. Our customers rave about our daily herbal tonic recipe, and making our products the base of dressings + cocktails, or boosting their morning smoothies + teas with a spoonful.

Why try Elderberry Syrup + Fire Cider?

These folk recipes have long crafted in kitchens across the world. Why? Because they’re nutritious, simple to enjoy foods, that can be added to your daily routine however you please. We love our Elderberry Syrup + Fire Cider because they make herbalism (the tradition of using plants for wellness in every day life!) accessible to us ALL. And we are proud of our unique take on these traditional recipes because we use only local honey, all organic ingredients, and crafted our recipes to the be MOST delicious you’ve ever tried. We promise, just give them a shot!

How much can I consume?

As foods, our products are meant to be enjoyed like any other syrup, vinegar, or condiment would  be enjoyed — as you wish, in moderation. We believe that herbs should be a part of our daily life and diet. So, enjoy our tonics daily and get in that serving of nutritious herbs! Check our our recipe page for inspiration.

Are your products organic?

We are committed to sourcing from those who put the environment first. Herbal products should never contain toxins like pesticides + dyes. We responsibly source certified organic ingredients. When sourcing from small farms, we may purchase herbs grown chemical-free that aren’t officially “certified organic”. Because we source local honey that is not organic, our products as a whole do not have the organic label.

What does “small batch” mean?

Small batch means that every product is made by US, by hand, with love and intention. Think of our products as homemade quality without the homemade effort on your part! We are herbalist-founded, so following traditional methods of brewing, steeping, pressing, and blending is at the heart of our craft. Our products will always be made by us, using only whole, real ingredients.

Are your products local?

Our products are locally-inspired, meaning our recipes are inspired by plants that grow abundantly here in New England. Our long term goal is to source or grow our ingredients locally. We make small steps towards this vision daily! We believe that “perfect should not be the enemy of the good”, and therefore we began Town Farm Tonics by sourcing sustainably from small trusted growers while we shift to local sourcing. We ARE currently starting our Elderberry nursery (YAY!) + trialing local horseradish sourcing, so stay tuned for progress as we grow!

Why loose leaf tea?
And how?

Whole, loose leaf herbs retain a flavor and potency to which tea bags simply can’t compare! While individual tea bags are convenient, broken down herbs oxidize, losing quality + nutrition. Loose leaf herbs properly infuse your hot water with all that flavor + plant-based nutrition you crave. To brew, simply steep, strain, and sip! Brew your tea in a closed vessel (like a french press, mason jar or tea pot) for 10-20 min. Proper brewing means a delicious + nutritious tea! Tea blends were our first products, and we love them because they speak to the heart of simple herbal self-care.

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