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elderberry syrup sangria recipe, autumn herbal sangria recipe, apple cider sangria recipe

Autumn Elderberry Herbal Sangria

Food as Medicine, Enjoyment as Nourishment “If I bought this, I would just use it as a drink mixer…” she says with amusement, shaking the bottle of Elderberry Syrup after sipping down a tiny cup full. “But that can’t be good for me…”  This exact comment is so common, we could attribute it to countless customers. The amusement always grows

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elderberry syrup barbeque sauce recipe - elderberry BBQ, made with organic local elderberry syrup

Elderberry BBQ Sauce

Elderberry Syrup Benefits Pardon us for the copy and paste, but in case you didn’t catch our little intro of Elderberry Syrup in our last post, here it is! The use of the Elder plant goes back many thousands of years. In fact, fossilized seeds of the North American Elder (Sambucus canadensis) were found dating

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Elderberry Syrup Lemonade Recipe made with organic elderberries and local wildflower honey in westport ma

Elderberry Lemonade

Elderberry Syrup Benefits The use of the Elder plant goes back many thousands of years. In fact, fossilized seeds of the North American Elder (Sambucus canadensis) were found dating back over 16,000 years. This is truly an Elder plant, that has long been a friend to human beings.  Folklore of the Elder plant, and so

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milk thistle plant for liver support

Spring Detoxification: Herbal liver support

Spring detoxification The transition from winter to spring marks the movement from a season of rest and reflection into a season of movement and growth. This outer transition is exemplified by melting snow and the first shoots and buds showing themselves. Our bodies are a microcosm of the earth. So just as the gardener will

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herbs for fall, supporting health with autumn herbs

Fall Herbal Support: Making a graceful transition

Herbs for Seasonal Transitions Seasonal transitions are the most important time to ally with plants. They help us make a graceful transition from the inside out! From Elderberry Syrup to nourishing herbal infusions, incorporating herbs into your daily routine is simple and enjoyable. Elderberry Syrup for Autumn Immune Support During the Fall, we want to support

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Bowl of garlic bulbs which have antiviral properties that can fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Conversations With Plants: Garlic

Getting to know Garlic: properties, benefits, and more! Does this ever happen to you? You’re digging through your pantry, garden, and/or fridge for recipe inspiration, but you just have no idea what to cook? Well, here we have a human who’s going through the same rut. They have a perfect bulb of garlic just sitting

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