Berry Hill Farm

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Berry Hill Farm

770 Pine Hill Road, Westport, MA
Berry Hill Farm 770 Pine Hill Road Westport MA Carissa & Adam Davenport of Town Farm TonicsOpening for the 2024 season in June


WE bought a FARM! Berry Hill Farm, that is, in our hometown of Westport, MA.  ✨

It was our founding vision of Town Farm Tonics to grow our own herbs – and our personal lifelong dream.

Thanks to the work of the Westport Land Conservation Trust, Berry Hill Farm was protected from development & opened for proposals to keep the land in agriculture. We worked hard at putting our vision for this beautiful place into words, and were honored that our proposal was chosen! What our land trust is doing to preserve local agriculture & land access is so important – urge your local land trust to do the same.

We are elated to be the next generation of farmers at Berry Hill, following 3 generations of the wonderful Pierce family. Our farm plan incorporates the 2 acres of established blueberry shrubs and will utilize the remaining farmland to grow a variety of perennial plants, elderberry shrubs, and medicinal herbs.

The berries, herbs, and produce grown on the farm will replace outsourced ingredients used in our herbal products (with more farm-inspired creations to come!).

For so long we’ve said “one day we’ll be growing our own herbs,” – well that day has come, and we’re so excited for you, too, to enjoy locally grown herbal tonics.

So next time we get the question “where can we come visit you?!” (We love those calls 😍) It will be at Berry Hill Farm!! See you at the farm stand for our second season in June 2024 💛

Got questions? We’ve got you covered…

1. What are your hours? During the farming season (approx. late June through late August) we are open daily from about 9am to 6pm.

2. Are you organic? We are not certified organic but we do not use any chemicals on our crops. If you ever see us with a sprayer, we’re dosing our blueberries with some nutrients – like a plant multivitamin!

3. What do you grow? Currently we grow 2 acres of blueberries (over 7 delicious varieties!). We are starting to plant our elderberry orchard this spring, and will eventually fill the remaining 5 acres of pasture with medicinal and culinary herbs, fruits, and tree crops.

4. Do you offer pick your own blueberries? At this time we are not open to public pick your own. We have plans to do so in the future, though!

5. What do you have at the farm stand? We have fresh-picked blueberries from our farm, Town Farm Tonics goods, farm-fresh honey (by Sunnyside Apiaries), local flowers, baked goods on the weekend, and more artisan goods to come. (Got any ideas or requests? We’d love to hear them –!)

6. Wait, so does the land trust own the farm, or do you? We purchased the farm from the Westport Land Trust, who raised funds to purchase the farm from the previous farming family at a fair market price. Check out the WLCT wesbite for more info about their innovative program.

7. Do you take credit cards or SNAP? At this time we only take cash. But we are working on the ability to accept both CC and SNAP as payment.7

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