Gingko leaves are best harvested when they begin changing colour from green to yellow in late summer

Conversations With Plants: Ginkgo

Getting to know Ginkgo: properties, benefits, and more!

It was rush hour in the city. Throngs of businesspeople shuffled down the sidewalks and car horns flooded the streets. People were eager to return home except for one human who, after work, wandered into the city park. It was quiet there–peaceful. The human rested on the grassy field, soaking up the dappled sunlight created by the surrounding Ginkgo trees.

human: Greetings, mighty Ginkgo! It’s such a pleasure to sit and talk with you today.

Ginkgo: The pleasure is all mine! Talking with humans is one of my favorite things to do.

human: Is it now? I can find us a bit neurotic and distracted, but please, tell me more.

History of Ginkgo

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo: Well you see, some humans call me a “living fossil.” Why? Because my kind happened to be around 250 million years ago.

human: Did you say MILLION?

Ginkgo: You heard right, kiddo! At a whopping 350,000 years, Homeo sapiens are evolutionary infants in my book. I’m the only living species of my family left, so I have seen so much come and go throughout my lineage. And why do I say it is I who have seen it? Well, I carry that memory in my every cell. That is my gift to humans!


Benefits of Ginkgo

human: Memory… humans have long experienced the gifts that you endow upon our minds. It’s incredible the way you are able to improve our memory and recall, our attention and concentration, and even our mood and energy level!

Ginkgo: You learn a thing or two when you’ve been around as long as I have! You also learn that giving is the greatest honor.

human: Maybe that’s why Mother Earth has kept you around for so long, Ginkgo! You give so much of yourself–it’s only fitting that you receive immortality!

Ginkgo: Woah now, tiny human, I wouldn’t call myself immortal. More like–resilient.

human: Resilient. I’d like to be that, too. I think that with the antioxidants, neuroprotection, and optimal blood flow you’re serving up, I could be as resilient as you!

Ginkgo: That’s my hope! Pass the word along to your human friends now, will you?

human: Sure thing, great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma Ginkgo!


Ginkgo Biloba Mini-Monograph

Scientific name: Ginkgo Biloba
Common folk names: Ginkgo, Gingko, Maidenhair Tree
Habitat: Native to China, Ginkgo grows in temperate climates all across Asia, Europe, and North America.
Herbal actions: Stimulates focused energy, supports healthy blood flow, rich in antioxidants, neuroprotective, enhances cognition, circulatory stimulant, nutritive
Common contraindications: caution is advised to patients on anticoagulant and antiplatelet medication (e.g. warfarin and aspirin).
Harvesting notes: Harvest leaves during late summer/early autumn when they begin changing color.
Fun fact: Ginkgo is the most commonly planted tree in New York City!

Enjoy Ginkgo Biloba in our REVIVE tea blend!

Revive - loose leaf herbal made of yerba mate, tulsi (holy basil), ginkgo, and rosemary tea


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