Healing Salve

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topical herbal salve
soothe + nourish skin

contents*: calendula, plantain, cleavers, yarrow, chickweed, beach rose, lavender, tea tree + lavender e.o., olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter + beeswax
*organic + wild-crafted in westport, ma

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This small-batch skin balm is packed with nourishment for the skin. Crafting begins with slowly infusing olive oil with native wildflowers & wild healing weeds. The plant ingredients were chosen for their traditional use as healers and soothers of common skin issues.

High-quality essential oils and plant butters enhance healing properties, making this on-the-go salve stick perfect for everything from chapped lips & callouses to eczema, bug bites, + mild burns.

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Large Tin (2oz), Small Tin (1oz), Tube (0.5oz)

6 reviews for Healing Salve

  1. Katie

    The tube of healing salve is a great for chapped skin or lips when you go on brisk hikes or days spent skiing!

  2. Karen Martin

    I use this product on cuticles, knuckles, elbows, lips and any dry skin. Absorbs well, not greasy and softens like no other. Has a wonderful light natural fragrance. Does not leave that sour taste in your mouth like most lip products. Has helped me grow my fingernails and it’s long lasting!

  3. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    LOVE this Miracle* Salve. After months of no relief for eczema, I bought this with hopes that it might help and within a couple of weeks it was gone. I use it for my lips, my skin after a little too much sun, and under my eyes before bed.

  4. Kelly Medeiros-Raposa

    We use this balm in our home for everything from skin irritations to burns. We do use it primarily for my baby’s diaper rash! Works like a charm!!

  5. Michael Raposa

    I used this recently for a flair up of eczema on my hands. Gave me the moisture and healing I was lacking! Highly Recommend!

  6. Danielle

    we use for scratches on ourselves but the huge impact was on our infant 9mo old. Who has screamed every night after bath time. I nurse him to sleep and pray he goes down.A week I did acupressure that was a huge help, but I then began to apply the healing salve to sternum, flesh of forearms and soles of his feet – 5 nights in a row down in 10 min. No screaming. Significant change in his calm. I messages TFT about this and they were happy to educate me on how/why of its effectiveness for this and further educate me how to continue a successful herbal treatment. Along with their ability to continue to supply ingredients – locally!
    More than happy with TFT Herbalist.

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