Chinese-inspired Fire Cider Dumpling Sauce Reciple

Chinese-Inspired Dumpling Sauce ft. Fire Cider!

Herbalism in home traditions

This summer, I realized that many of my daily practices were rooted in herbalism. Whether that’d be dropping a few goji berries into my morning tea or pairing it with ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, and jujubes to create a nutrient-packed broth, I learned that I was familiar with herbalism ever since I was a child!

Sweet, tangy, savory, and spicy (just a bit!)

Fire Cider Dumpling Sauce RecipeDumplings are a family staple in my Chinese household. You can make the dumpling wrappers from scratch, add your own stuffing, and boil or panfry for potstickers! These days, as my family is a bit busier, frozen dumplings from the grocery store are just as good. 

But let’s not forget that the dipping sauce is just as important! A staple ingredient for the dumpling sauce is Chinkiang black vinegar (or Chinese black vinegar). This vinegar, made from fermented black sticky rice, has a complex and malty flavor.

When I first had a taste of Fire Cider, it instantly reminded me of the tangy and savory notes of Chinkiang black vinegar, so it got me thinking…what if I swapped Chinkiang black vinegar for Fire Cider?


Chinese-inspired Dumpling Sauce Recipe:

What makes Fire Cider great is that it already contains many ingredients which enhance the traditional flavors of Chinese cuisine. Another plus is that this recipe is vegan-friendly and perfect for any kind of dumpling! Just mix all the ingredients together in a dish and enjoy.

Recipe for Chinese-inspired dumpling sauce using TFT Fire Cider

Interested in incorporating more herbalism into your everyday cooking? Check out our Summer Bean Salad recipe! Or cheers to herbalism with a Fire Cider Margarita!


Blog post by our wonderful Town Farm Toncs intern, Grace.

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