Elderberry Syrup Lemonade Recipe made with organic elderberries and local wildflower honey in westport ma

Elderberry Lemonade

Elderberry Syrup Benefits

Town Farm Tonics Elderberry Syrup for immune system support made with all organic herbs and local wildflower honey based in Westport MA and made at Hope and Main in Warren, RIThe use of the Elder plant goes back many thousands of years. In fact, fossilized seeds of the North American Elder (Sambucus canadensis) were found dating back over 16,000 years. This is truly an Elder plant, that has long been a friend to human beings. 

Folklore of the Elder plant, and so the more well-known flowers and berries of this native shrub, speaks to its healing abilities and protective spirit. And how interesting that modern science now speaks to this very same healing and protective nature. In fact, modern scientific studies show that Elderberries have compounds that can reduce the length and severity of common infections like the cold. Elderberries have long been used as a tonic for the immune system, meaning, that they are used to strengthen the natural healthy functioning of our body’s primary defense system.

Elderberry Lemonade

Elderberry Syrup Lemonade Recipe made with organic elderberries and local wildflower honey in westport maBecause Elderberry syrup is essentially a functional food, there are countless ways to use them culinarily. For centuries they’ve been used not only in immune-boosting syrups (which is our favorite, of course, for ease of use). They’re used in pies, jams, shrubs… you name it!  

What we love about our Elderberry Syrup is how darn delicious it is. We think that’s important, don’t you? We believe you should enjoy your daily dose of herbal support, whether you’re sipping it straight from the bottle (guilty!) or mixing your daily dose into a recipe. Have you tried adding a spoonful to lemonade? It’s a delicious way for people of all ages to get that daily serving of Elderberry Syrup into the body, in a fun and easy way.

Elderberry Lemonade Recipe:
2 tbsp Elderberry Syrup, 2 tbsp Lemon Juice, 1 tsp Raw Sugar, 6 oz Water
Shake with ice and enjoy!! It’s that simple. And holy smokes is it refreshing. Cheers!

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