Fire Cider tonic with ingredients: garlic, onion, organic apple cider vinegar, Massachusetts wildflower honey

Fire Cider: What, Why, How… Yum!

Fire Cider – maybe you’ve heard the name, but what the heck is this stuff?  And why should you give it a shot?

Fire Cider is a traditional herbal remedy, made famous by the renowned “godmother of American herbalism” Rosemary Gladstar. (And most recently, by an unfortunate legal battle against brave herbalists – including my teacher Mary Blue! – and Shire City Herbals. Luckily, the truth prevailed – traditions stomped out greedy trademarks — hooray herbalism!)

Fire Cider bottle sizesEvery herbalist in every region has their own unique twist, but the foundation of the remedy is a blend of herbs and vegetables steeped in apple cider vinegar and honey. That is one of the beautiful aspects of both Elderberry Syrup and Fire Cider – they truly belong to the commons. We are simply one conduit for connection with these potent recipes, and we’re super proud of our unique creations!

The power of Fire Cider rests in its pungent, anti-viral ingredients, like Garlic, Onion, and Ginger. The combination of ingredients makes for a widely applicable remedy. Fire Cider is known as an effective go-to for clearing stuffy nose, easing a cough, stimulating digestion, supporting immunity, and balancing pH. (Why is a balanced pH important? Read here!) Basically, as soon as your wellness needs a little boost, reach for Fire Cider!

Our Fire Cider is made with organic apple cider vinegar, all organic herbs, and local wildflower honey. That’s it! No hidden preservatives, natural flavors, or unusual ingredients — just organic, local goodness. The way that our food and medicine should be.

Like our other herbal creations, Fire Cider is a “tonic” – a substance taken to invigorate, stimulate, or restore well-being. Tonics strengthen and revitalize the body. They can have an affinity for a specific system (for ex. the digestive) or have a more generalized effect. Tonics include herbs that are super nutritious and benefit your wellness most through long-term use.

As for the herbal superstars that make up our Fire Cider, here’s a quick introduction to just a handful of their various properties:

Garlic: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, cardio-tonicgarlic, alium, town farm tonics, fire cider

Ginger: circulatory stimulant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, carminative

Onion: anti-inflammatory, expectorant, anti-bacterial

Horseradish: anticatarrhal/decongestant, expectorant

Cayenne: circulatory stimulant, antispasmodic, antioxidant, cardio-tonic

Rosemary: antimicrobial, nervous system tonic, anti-inflammatory

Thyme: expectorant, anti-viral, anti-bacterial

Peppermint: carminative, antispasmotic, decongestant

(Wondering what these words mean? They are “herbal actions” – i.e. the way that herbalists describe an herb’s effect on our body systems. Click the links for more info, or better yet, reach out with your questions!)

With a good amount of local wildflower honey, our Fire Cider is uniquely sweet, spicy, refreshing, and down-right delicious! Even kids simply can’t get enough.

Fire Cider and herbsReady to make Fire Cider a part of your life? Enjoy your Fire Cider…
*mixed with hot water, in place of lemon water in the morning
*by the spoonful, to clear up stuffy noses, banish sore throats, prevent infections, and support digestion
*shaken up with oil as the most delicious salad dressing
*sprinkled over roasted + sauteed vegetables
*swirled into soups and stews for a tangy flavor
*mixed into a margarita for a spicy, herbal kick

However you take your Fire Cider, you can be certain that you’re giving your body a dose of natural anti-viral power and nutrition that is much needed these days!

We want to see your Fire Cider creations and share them with the world! Make sure you are following us on Instagram + Facebook, where you can tag @TownFarmTonics. We’re known to give away discount codes to our loyal Fire Cider lovers and Elderberry Syrups, so get cooking + get sharing.

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